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Cargo transportation Kazakhstan - Moscow
SAMCOM transport company carries out cargo transportation in the direction of Kazakhstan - Moscow and vice versa (as well as from other cities of Kazakhstan). Moscow is the largest city in Russia, which has an international airport of the highest level and two railway stations, but freight transport by road to Moscow does not lose its relevance.
Transportation from Kazakhstan to Russia

Cargo transportation is carried out on modern cars, which make up a solid technical fleet of the company. Each vehicle undergoes regular technical inspection and is in perfect condition, therefore, transportation from Russia to Kazakhstan is carried out regularly and as efficiently as possible. All cars are driven by experienced drivers who are familiar with the specifics of the roads between the two countries, are well aware of all routes and are professionals in their field.


For the convenience of our customers, we have cars of various capacities and tonnages. Thus, you can order transportation from Russia to Kazakhstan by individual transport, which will suit your requirements. Due to the variety of cars, we are ready to provide services such as the transportation of dangerous and / or oversized cargo to Kazakhstan and vice versa.

Delivery Rates
Moscow - Almaty
Moscow - Jupiter
Moscow, Saint Petersburg
Delivery period
7-8 days
10-12 days
11-12 days
Цена, тенге
Transportation from Kazakhstan to Russia

It should be noted that transportation of goods to Kazakhstan by individual transport is not always required, since its volume and weight may be less than the characteristics of a car. In this case, we are ready to offer such a service as transportation in combined cargoes.


Any transport services must be supported by appropriate accompanying documents, especially if dangerous goods are transported from Russia to Kazakhstan or oversized cargo is transported to Kazakhstan. We are ready to offer our professional services in the preparation of all necessary documentation, so that nothing will become an obstacle along the way.


If you require transportation of valuable goods, then to guarantee security we can offer escort services from the place of departure to the destination or one of the most beneficial cargo insurance programs. The cost of delivery of goods to Kazakhstan depends on the distance of transportation, mass of cargo and its features.


To find out all the details of the implementation of cargo transportation between Russia and Kazakhstan, you can contact our managers who will answer all your questions and calculate the cost of shipping goods to Kazakhstan. Turning to the transport company EXDEL for help, you are guaranteed to receive high quality service and reliable delivery of your goods. We strive to develop long-term relationships with each of our clients.